Despite the tremendous effort I put into creating and promoting this website I was unable to ESCAPE From Meannesota. It seems that the Meannesotans profiled here have in fact gotten away with exterminating me, right in front of everyone's eyes.

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For the story of how Meannesota apathy, negligence, incompetence and corruption destroyed a good man's entire life with a psychopathic lack of empathy, conscience or remorse, while an equally vicious Minnesota corporate-government news media refused to report on this official malfeasance, please select My Story from the sidebar menu, and read both An Open Letter to the New Brighton, Minnesota City Council and A Public Message to the Twin Cities News Media

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Members of the American Christian Church who wonder how more than 100 Minnesota churches could do nothing - absolutely nothing - other than push papers, feed me scraps of food, and generally behave like a typically insufficient and inhumane government bureacracy, and call that detached busywork "fulfilling God's Greatest Commandment," versus mobilizing to just save a good man's life once and for all, should read my Letter To The American Church.

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Paul B.
January 2016
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